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Kentucky Investigations

Complex Litigation Matters

Insight2day assists attorneys and legal professionals with case litigation needs to more efficiently find case solutions. Our litigation services are tailored and specific to each case, as needs vary across firms, case types, and clients.

Our staff meets each case's needs for the best possible results. Typical services include court research, filing, and photocopy services.

Child Custody Cases

Our legal support professionals go the extra step to provide support for child custody cases. As a specialty, our staff can quickly and accurately provide supplemental details and insight.

Locating Missing Persons

Whether for personal or professional reasons, our trained experts dive deep into location tactics to find people in Kentucky or beyond. We scour all available resources to track an individual so the best possible results are achieved.

Due to the often time-sensitive nature of missing person cases, we work around the clock to find your loved ones. With constant updates and resource sharing, we dedicate our time to finding individuals no matter the circumstance.

Unsolved Crimes

Insight2day's staff is known throughout Kentucky for our intuition and case solving abilities. We assess unsolved cases and determine the possibility of finding the answer that you seek. Through a plethora of tactics, we delve where other detectives may have fallen short.

If you have lingering questions, give us a call so we can establish an investigation.

Workers Compensation

Complete investigations and research to determine the validity of workers compensation claims. Through in-field surveillance, interviews, and accident location research, we can provide a thorough report.


Discrete surveillance to gather evidence for your case. The key to providing effective surveillance is to go unnoticed, so we focus on blending into the surrounding environments to provide uncorrupted photo or video evidence.

To provide surveillance evidence that is lawful and upheld in court, we comply with Kentucky's rules and regulations. We gather evidence legally, always keeping in mind the boundaries between private and public spaces.


Fraud plagues both employers and individuals alike and Insight2day brings a variety of expertise to find the source of the alleged fraud. We thoroughly research and review all vulnerabilities to not only fix your current issue but protect you from future attacks.

Maria Bratcher

Striving to be the best, not the biggest!

Insight2day, owned and operated by Maria Bratcher, serves the Kentucky community with investigation and legal support service needs. We are proud to support our community and the greater Kentucky Commonwealth with reliable and honest investigations that get to the core of your questions.

Our Kentucky investigators serve a range of clients, from individuals, businesses, law firms, and more. To uphold our high standard of service, all case information including identifying information is kept confidential for your peace of mind.

Special pricing offers are available for active duty, reserve, or retired military personnel in uniform or with valid identification.

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Please submit an email with a summary of how Insight2day can help you! We tailor our services to each case to create a plan with the highest success rate possible.

Full analysis and meeting available upon appointment.

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Extremely professional. With a dogged determination to Finish what she starts. Very top notch investigator.
- William Edward Hampton
This woman is the real deal, with intuition off the chart. If you're in need of a fact-finding intuitive investigator call upon Maria. I have been an Investigator for 27 years and I’ll work with her anytime so should you.
- Tracy Leonard PI
Amazing, all about helping others and no one does it better!! Fantastic!!
- James Savage
Maria does top notch work and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good investigator.
- John Hagan, Hagan Investigations

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